FAITH – Your Connection to God the Father

When Adam disobeyed God and ate the Fruit, what he was doing was, he was believing in what the Devil was telling him. As long as Adam believed only in God, God was His source and he was connected with God and he was under the Blessing of the Lord. He walked by the Law of Faith in God. In this state, he was above everything, he had authority over the physical world, and he had dominion over everything.
Once he listened to the devil and believed in what he said, Adam willfully disconnected himself from God as his source and connected with the devil. With the devil as his source, now curse, sin and death entered Adam and the physical world. Adam now is no longer above the physical world, he is subjected to the physical world and its law. One of the laws of the physical world is to believe in only what you see, he was no longer operating in the Law of Faith; Faith does not believe in what it sees physically, but it believes in what God says, and manifests what He says in the physical world. Faith is not a passive believer in what it sees, but it has the capacity to manifest the will of God in the physical world. Adam lost that ability to fully operate in Faith. Since the fall, God has been trying to instill Faith in the heart of man, He did that throughout the Old Testament by sending His Word through His Prophets. His Word has the ability to activate Faith in human heart. Because of Adam’s will full dis-association with God and his connection with the devil, the only way God could operate in humans and this physical world, is by activating Faith in their hearts by His Word. God in His Love did not want to give up on man, even though man has willfully gone away from Him, God knew the only help man has was God, even though man did not realize it, God knew, he needed His help, because He knew how bad the devil will treat man, He knew the curses that the devil will bring in this earth to torture man, the sickness, diseases, hatred, poverty. So God was not in any way going to give up man, because He was His own son and daughter, created in His own image, He loved them deeply. The only way for man to have dominion over the physical world and live in victory as God intended first was to connect him back to God and make God His source. For that to happen, Faith needs to be activated in man’s heart and that can happen by the Word. So God took every opportunity to reveal His Word to anyone who was ready to listen, He found Noah, spoke to him, He found Abraham spoke to Him, God saw in Abraham, what He expected from Adam, complete trust in God. God revealed His Word to Him and made a covenant with him. (God is doing all this just to help humans, He could have just ignored us and let the devil have us and gone on with is vast universe, after all we willfully, disobeyed him and we deserve it. God could not do that, because we were His children, we had His image in us, we were more important than anything else in the Universe for Him). Because of the way Abraham willfully responded to God’s Word, Faith was activated in his heart and He was connected with God through Faith and God was able to operate in His life and through Him to Bless the physical world. God found a man through whom He can Bless His people in this physical world who are under the power of the devil. God gave Abraham His promises to Bless Him and Bless the families of the world through him, Abraham believed in His Word, because of which God was able to extend His Blessing further in this physical world, and formed the nation of Israel and sent more prophets and more Word, until the fullness of time. God had a further plan and He was preparing mankind and this world to implement that better plan which will give further access for God to flow among humans freely and stop the work of the devil. That better plan was the plan to manifest the Word in Flesh. The Word until now was just spoken through prophets and activated Faith in men and women, now in the fullness of time, the Word is taking the form of Flesh and living among men and women. The Word in Flesh is taking back the authority from the devil who had legally taken it from Adam when he willingly believed in the devil. The Word in Flesh pays the price and fulfills the law and takes the authority back from the devil. The Word in Flesh declares he who believes in me has Eternal life. God now has a much better plan than He initially had for Adam, God raises up the Word in Flesh and give Him Authority over Heaven and Earth, over both the spiritual and physical world, a position on the right hand of God and He places every man and woman in that position given to the Word in Flesh, He makes the humans a join-heir with the Word in Flesh. This position is given to man, just by believing by Faith in the Word in Flesh, just as adam believed in the devil and got connected with him and thus to the curse, sin and death, now he can just believe in the Word in Flesh and be position in that place of Authority on the right hand of God. Man is no longer under the curse or the enemy, as long as man is willing to disconnect from the devil by doubting his word and have Faith in God by believing His Word in Flesh, he is raised to that better position with God. (This is exactly opposite to what adam did, he disconnected from God by doubting in God and connected with the devil by believing in him). This new position God created in the Word in Flesh, which is a seated position to the right of God Himself, is a much better position than what God had planned for adam initially, even though the devil try to destroy God’s plan for man, it eventually worked out for good and now God is able to create a better position for man, which is much higher and closer to Him and His nature. In this position, man is clothed with His own righteousness, man is free from the influence of sin, sin cannot touch him anymore, man has been purified by what he has gone through since the fall of adam and has been redeemed by God himself paying the price and he has emerged in Faith as Gold and as sons and daughters of God. In this whole ordeal, yes man had to go through some pain, but more than man, God had to go through much more pain, for He Himself had to take the form of flesh and pay the price by sacrificing Himself and be stricken by the curse to deliver us from the curse. In the end, with all this pain, God is blessed with many more sons and daughters who bear Him image and rule with Him, we humans are blessed with glorious Eternal life with Him, but the devil who caused all this is the big loser, for he gained nothing, in the end he cast away further from the Lord into the lake of fire. He thought he was gaining something by deceiving adam, but God worked it out in such a way, that the devil was just used as a catalyst to the fulfillment of this better plan for God and Man, Father and His Children, the Family of God.

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