Become One with the Word of God and Speak

by Robert Rajamani

If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you – John 15:7

The Word of God has Spirit and Life. The Word of God is living and active and full of power (Hebrews 4:12). Any situation you face in life, no matter how impossible it might appear, it can be changed and overcome by the Word of God.

The way God operates in this earth among humans is through His Word. He speaks His Word and if any person agrees to that Word and receives it, He then makes that Word to manifest in his life.

He spoke to Abraham and gave him a promise and Abraham received that Word in Faith and the promise manifested in His life. He spoke the Word to Mary, she received it in Faith and it manifested in flesh.

When God gives you a promise concerning your situation, do not position yourself in a neutral place where you stand between the promised Word of God and your situation and wonder why the situation is not changing according to what God has promised. Instead, you need to become one with the promised Word of God. You need to let that Word abide in you and you abide in it. Meditate on it and become one with it and speak that Word out of your mouth. Use that Word as a sword to attack your situation and change it. The Word of God abiding in you and coming out of your mouth is a powerful sword which can change any circumstance.

Speaking out the Word of God with your mouth is as important as letting that Word become one with you, for you to see it manifest in your life. God created this world by speaking His Word. We as His children have creative force in our tongue. Letting the Word unite with your spirit and speaking it out of your mouth has creative power. It’s not your power, but it’s the power of His Word.

Keep confessing the Word of God and the promises that He has given you for any situation you are facing. Let that Word abide in your heart and you abide in it in Faith and let it grow and manifest in the physical realm. As James says, the Word of God which is implanted and rooted in our heart is able to save our souls (James 1:21). Once the Word has become one with you and you abide in the Word, you need to speak that Word out with your mouth and it will manifest in your life.

Receive the Word, Unite with it, Speak it out with your mouth and Create your future.

Scripture References:
• John 15:7
• Hebrews 4:12
• James 1:21

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