Mind Governed by the Spirit of God

By Robert Rajamani

The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. (Romans 8:6)

One’s life is controlled by their mind. As goes the mind so goes the man. Mind is just a tool to control and direct your life. If you find a way to control this mind in the right way, your life can go in the right direction.

Paul talks about two things that can govern our mind and based on what is governing it, the outcome can be completely different. One, our mind can be controlled by our flesh i.e. the carnal nature and it will lead to death both spiritual and physical, or our mind can be governed by the Spirit of God which will lead to Life and Peace. (Romans 8:6)

The Spirit of God will never dominate or control your mind against your will, you need to allow Him to govern it and be led by Him. If you are led by the Spirit of God you are a son of God, (Romans 8:14) you have access to the son ship position of Christ. You are no longer in bondage to the spirit of fear and death. You are adopted into the family of God, He becomes your Father and because of Christ you are Righteous and the Father finds no fault in you. You become a joint heir with Christ and share in the Inheritance of Christ. (Romans 8:17)

There is nothing more exciting in life than to be led by His Spirit and have access to the Inheritance of Christ. That Inheritance includes His Wisdom, His Blessing both Spiritual and Physical. When you are governed and led by the Spirit of God, you are functioning on a different law – The Law of the Spirit of Life (Romans 8:2). The law of sin and death in which the devil and his kingdom operates has no access to you.

A mind led by the Spirit of God will have Kingdom thoughts, will understand the Wisdom of God, will have the concepts of the Kingdom, and will operate on a different realm of reality. Will be able to heal the sick, walk on water, feed the multitude with few bread and fishes, speak to the dead and bring back to life. Life will be exciting for sure. This is normal life in the Spirit as it was intended by Jesus.

Yield to the Holy Spirit today and live a Supernatural Life. Nothing else in this life is more exciting!
Scripture Reference:
• Romans 8:6
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