God Needs Your Will

Robert Rajamani

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” — Luke 22:42

God created man in His own image, He gave him a will to choose freely. Just like God, man now has the option to go and create his own world, fulfill his own desires and visions and build his own kingdom. Man has the option to go independent of God and follow his own will and make his own decisions or if he chooses; he can unite his will with the will of God and function in union with God.

God desires that man will willingly choose to submit his will to God’s and work in union with Him. Just like in any love relationship it will not work if two wills do not merge willingly; Love cannot be forced. God desires that man will willingly submit to His will, just like a son submits to His Father in trust. Just like Jesus said, “Not My Will But Thine Be Done”. (Luke 22:42)

God expected this from Adam and Eve, but they chose to not yield to the will of God and do their own will. Devil was just the means by which they were introduced to another option of being able to go independent of God and establish their own world and be their own God. They chose to deviate from the will of God and follow their own will. When your will is not in union with the will of God, there is no Life, because He is the source of Life. Without God as your source, all you have is your ability to understand good and evil and live based on your carnal understanding, you are disconnected from divine wisdom, you are at the mercy of your own ability to solve your problems. With no source of Life, you eventually wither and die. That’s the state of man today.

But God never gives up on Man. He is always looking for a human who will unite his will with God’s willingly, and in that union God’s plans will be birthed. He finds that man in Noah, who unites his own will with God’s and births a new plan for the earth and whole humanity. He finds Abraham who submits his will to the will of God to the point of giving up his beloved son. In that union of Abraham’s will with God’s, He births the eternal plan of His Kingdom in which, nations will be Blessed and Abraham becomes the Father of our Faith.

Later, He finds David, who submits his will to God’s and He declares him as a ‘Man after His own Heart’ (Acts 13:22) and He births the plan to establish the throne of David eternally in Christ. Then, He finds a woman named Mary, who willingly united her will to His and said, “Be it to me according to your word” and birthed the Messiah in flesh (Luke 1:38). Finally, Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane lamented, but said, “Not My Will But Thine Be Done” (Luke 22:42) and out of that submission of His own will to His Father’s is birthed the new Eternal Kingdom of God, and we the fallen sons and daughters of Adam, have been declared righteous and made worthy of His Eternal Kingdom (2 Corinthians 5:21) and Death is forever destroyed. (1 Corinthians 15:54)

Today, He is after our will. He desires that we choose His will over ours. He longs that we unite our will with His and be one with Him, just as Jesus said, I and my Father are one (John 10:30). Just like there is explosive power when two hearts willingly merge, fall in love and become one; there is power to give birth to His plan and dream when we submit our will to His and become one with Him.

When we understand the truth that we are the center of His world, His heart revolves around us and gravitates towards us, that He does everything good for His children and His will is always seeking our good, then it is easy to submit to His will and walk with Him and say “Thy will Be Done Not Mine”.

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