Be Anchored in God Alone

Robert Rajamani

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain – Hebrews 6:19

God has always desired that man will live by depending on Him alone as the source of Life and Wisdom. He desired that man will develop a deep relationship with Him and live life being led by His Spirit. He wanted man to be anchored on God. But in Adam, humans chose to be not anchored on God but rather depend on their ability to know between good and evil. Man chose to be anchored on himself and his understanding instead of God.

God’s Spirit continuously strives with man to train him to depend on Him alone. Depending on one’s own ability is like being in the middle of the ocean and depend on a floating log to save one’s life, it won’t last long. One needs a firm anchor,  a ship – to save life. Life cannot be lived just by depending on our flesh and its ability to save us. We need Life Himself, we need to be anchored on God.

To be able to walk with God and function with Him, you need to be depending on His Spirit. He takes us through life and its circumstances to develop and strengthen this dependence on Him. He wants to make sure that we are strongly anchored only on Him. That is how He builds His kingdom through His people. We are the stones and pillars of His city and He wants us to be firmly founded on Him alone. (1 Peter 2:5)

As a part of this process, sometimes He allows a storm around us to fine tune our dependence on Him. Storm comes to destroy everything you had put your anchor on. With nothing left to depend on; you grow your anchor on Him as your only hope. He will shake everything that you anchor your soul on, until you anchor it only on Him. Once your peace is restored in the midst of the storm just by anchoring on Him, you are tuned to Him and you are firm and secure.

In Abraham’s life God promised him and then took him through a series of circumstances to break his dependence on himself. Abraham tried to birth God’s dreams by his own ability and in the attempt, gave birth to Ishmael. God had to take him through life and its storms until he realized that he had no strength in his flesh to birth anything, he had to anchor on God in Faith and trust in His ability to make the promise come true.

In Joseph’s life God promised him of a future, and then took him through a series of circumstances to develop dependence on Him. Joseph had to trust in God alone to fulfil His promise. Joseph was anchored on God.

In Moses’ life God chose him as the redeemer of the Israelites, but then took him through a long 40 years to break his dependence on his own ability and depend only on God. God taught Moses to be anchored on Him for the task ahead.

Jesus was anchored in the Father. He was one with Him. He said and did what His Father said and did. (John 5:19) (John 10:30)

How to be anchored in Him? You develop your anchor in Him by spending time with Him in the Holy of Holies. Your born again spirit is the holy of holies where He dwells. He desires that you fellowship with Him in the Most Holy. Allow His Spirit to draw you to His presence more. Spend time in His Word. Yield to His Spirit and He will take you through things which will stitch your heart with Him. You will be hooked on to the realm of God and be anchored in Him.

He is Eternal; when you are anchored in Him you become eternal in Him and this passing world loses its grip on you. He is Life; when you are anchored in Him, you flow in His Life and overcome all manifestations of death. Be anchored in Him and His Word and overcome the world! (John 16:33)  (1 John 2:14)

Scripture Reference:
• Hebrews 6:19
• 1 Peter 2:5
• John 5:19
• John 10:30
• John 16:33
• 1 John 2:14

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