Month: August 2017

You Enter Life by Breaking Through Death

Robert Rajamani

He is Jesus, who is crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death, so that by the grace of God he might experience death for everyone. – Hebrews 2:9

Death was nowhere in God’s plan when He created Adam and Eve. Death cannot exist where Life is. Darkness cannot exist where Light is. Where there is no light darkness occupies. Death took over mankind when Adam disobeyed and disconnected himself from God; the source of Life. Ever since, death has ruled us. Death exist only in this fallen realm which was created as a result of Adam’s sin when He broke ways from God. It has no access to the realm of God, which is the realm of Life. Just like darkness cannot gain access into light, death cannot gain access into Life.

The only way God could redeem man from this realm of death was for Him to experience death himself. He had to enter this realm of death and darkness into which His children have fallen. When God decided to send His only begotten Son in the form of flesh, He decided to experience death. God knew, the only way His children could be brought back into Eternal Life is by Himself submitting to death. We enter into Life by God going through death on our behalf. He gladly did it for us (Hebrews 12:2).

The same pattern gets repeated in our everyday life. At times, He takes us through situations where we might have to go through death-like experience, so that we or others might experience Life. We enter Life through the door way of death. It could be the death of our flesh, our carnal nature, our worldly wisdom which contradicts the wisdom of God, whatever it is, if we endure, we just break through into Life. The breaking through process might be painful, but it’s worth it. God Himself had to go through it for His children.

There is always the pain of resistance when you attempt to break through from one realm to another. A pregnant mother experiences the maximum pain when she is breaking through to birth a new Life. There is tremendous sound and turbulence when a jet breaks the sound barrier, but beyond that, it cruises peacefully. There will always be resistance when you attempt to cross the barrier from death to Life. Death of self leads to the Life of Christ in us. (Galatians 2:20)

It is a daily battle to overcome the resistance we have, against renewing our mind to the ideas and concepts of God and letting go of our way of thinking. Dying to self, breaks into His Life. Ultimately when we cross over the final resistance of Death itself, we are just breaking through into Life Eternal. Jesus has already destroyed the power of death. Death has lost its gravity. There is nothing dreadful about death, Jesus destroyed it on the cross and triumphed over it on the day of resurrection. The dread of death is no more real. The enemy can only use fear to control us as long as we are ignorant that death is powerless. It is just a door-way to Life Eternal in Christ. The one who has already triumphed over death is waiting on the other side with the gift of Life.

So, when we face death, whether it is the daily dying to self that Jesus referred to (Matthew 16:24) or the final death of our flesh, we can laugh at it and say, “Death you are already destroyed, I am just passing through into Life”.

Scripture Reference:
• Hebrews 2:9
• Hebrews 12:2
• Galatians 2:20
• Matthew 16:24)

Rule from the Throne of Christ

Robert Rajamani much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ! — Romans 5:17 

The life we have been gifted with, is within our sphere of authority. Challenging situations we face in our life is subject to our dominion. We are called to rule and enforce authority over the domain of our life. We also have an enemy who will come against us and challenge our authority over our domain.  

God has a unique way for us to rule and keep our life under submission. He does not want us to be in a struggle to fight the enemy on equal ground. The devil is no match for the authority of Christ. We are to be seated on the throne of Christ and rule from there. When we rest on the throne of Christ and rule with Him, we are, in reality allowing Him to rule in and through us. When we rule from His throne, He rules. He can rule in our domain only when we remain seated on His throne and abide in Him and rest in Him. As long as we are seated, His authority is in force. 

When His children are ignorant of their identity and their position in Christ, the Kingdom suffers. Every time we panic looking at a situation and get off the throne and strive to fight it, we lose our perspective and authority. We have no power in our self to handle the situations the enemy will bring, we are powerful only when we remain on the throne with Christ and rule with His Authority and Power. 

Jesus by enduring the cross and conquering Death has established a throne worthy for the Son. He is the only one worthy to be seated on that throne but He has willingly called us into that position of Sonship with Him to enjoy His privileges as a Son of God. We rule by Him and in turn He rules in us and the Kingdom of God grows. 

God has established the throne of His Son in Zion (Psalm 2:6). His rulership extends out from Zion and its domain is expanding one person at a time. As we yield to Him and sit with Him on the throne and rule, He rules and His Kingdom grows. He wants His children to take their position of authority. Every victory we take is a victory for Christ. Every mountain we conquer is a conquest for Christ. Not the victories we win by our own ability, but the ones we win by abiding on the throne of Christ and allowing His authority to flow. They are our inheritance in Christ. 

Be seated on the throne with Christ and abide in Him and let Him rule in our life. Let His authority flow through us and have dominion over our life. We are a joint-heir with Him (Romans 8:17). Let us become one with Him and have the mind of Christ and have access to His Wisdom. He reveals the mysteries of His Kingdom only to His children by the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:10) 

Take your seat on His throne and rule by His Authority and Power and keep the enemy of your life in submission. 

Scripture Reference: 

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