What are you revolving around?

Robert Rajamani

Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith – Colossians 2:6,7

Revolution – is turning around a central point of axis. It is a pattern seen everywhere in the creation of God. Planets revolve around the Sun. Electrons revolves around the nucleus. We are all attached to something and we go in circles around them. We revolve around anything that we consider important.

Problems in life seek to become the center of our focus, and keep us entangled in worry and fear to make us revolve around them. We as humans have the tendency to revolve around anything other than God. We gravitate towards revolving around fear and worry. We easily tend to attach our self to any situation in life which threatens us and keep revolving around it in worry and fear. When we revolve around our problems, we will get disoriented and lose our focus and direction. The more we think on them and meditate on our fear, the more we get stuck in its orbit. The longer we remain in its orbit, stronger the problem gets and more difficult it is for us to get out of it. What you revolve around gains control over you, when you revolve around your problems, it has a control over you.

God desires that we revolve around Him and let Him be the center of our life. When you revolve around God by spending time in the throne room of grace and in the Holy of Holies, your life is ruled from the throne of God. His Kingdom dominates your life. When He rules, you will see His Life manifested in your life. But if you allow fear to rule, you will see the results of fear manifested in your life. Walk with Him and let His rule increase in your life. He is the King and let His Kingdom come in our life.

The Israelites could not possess the Promised Land because instead of revolving around God in Faith, they revolved around the mountain of fear and unbelief for forty years and perished in the desert (Hebrews 3:19). What you anchor yourself to and revolve around is what you worship. Our mountain of fear and unbelief does not deserve our worship, only the King does. Be anchored in Him and revolve around Him, let His Spirit guide you.

Stop thinking and worrying about situations and things happening in your life. In everything fix your mind and heart on the Lord and meditate on what He is telling you. Revolve around God. Meditate on what He has been revealing to you. Even when you are in the midst of a storm, when the temptation is strong to fear the storm and keep revolving around it, make sure to focus on the Lord and His promises and be anchored in Him and you will not be disoriented by the storm but will head in the right direction. The moment you realize that you are revolving around something other than the Spirit of God which is Joy, Peace, Hope, Faith, Love; immediately switch over and make Him the center of your revolution and abide in Him and let the orbit of your circle around Him get stronger.

Above everything it is so amazing how the Bible reveals Him as a Father who will do anything to redeem His children even to the extent of dying for them. He is our Abba Father who Himself revolves around us, His children, so let’s have our life centered on Him and Him alone.

Scripture Reference:
• Colossians 2:6,7
• Hebrews 3:19

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