We are God’s Treasure

Robert Rajamani

But you are God’s chosen treasure – 1 Peter 2:9

God has always wanted to induce His Spirit into us and make His Spirit dwell in us and desired to influence us. He is able to do it to the extent we let Him. When we yield to His will and not ours, we gain more of Him. The more and more we gain of Him by yielding to His will, the more we become like Him. It’s the transformation process which happens by willingly yielding to His will. His goal is to transform us to be like Him and only when we are like Him can we survive in His environment, in His glory, in the Holy of Holies where He is. He transforms us by His Spirit to prepare us and make us worthy of His realm. This process of transforming us by inducing His Spirit in us is the process by which He makes us His treasure, we become His inheritance. Just like individual atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen are just atoms, but when they are brought together in right proportion and merged, they become water a very important component for life, it becomes a treasure.

When our spirit merges with the Spirit of God it creates a unique new thing which never existed before and that is the treasure of God. This is a process and as more and more of Him takes over us, we are changed and our capacity increases because its less of us and more of Him. With more of Him in us He is able to take us through pressures and fires. He takes us through the process of fire and heat only according to the proportion of His spirit in us. We will always have the enduring capacity to overcome the fire He takes us through, because it’s His Spirit in us that handles it.

The unique creation that gets created by this union of His Spirit and our spirit is completely a new thing which never existed before. This is His treasure that He is after. In this process of the Spirit of God transforming us we gain His image – the image of Christ and lose the image of Adam in us. By nature, we have the Adamic image, but by this process of transformation by His Spirit we gain His image and become a unique individual who is created by the union of the Spirit of God and your spirit. It’s a very unique union and thus a unique creation – Child of God – which is a treasure of God.

God does this with everyone He calls. He called Abraham and took him through the transformation process and brought him to a place where he was able to say, “not my will but your will, I am willing to lay my son on the altar”. Abraham has changed, the Spirit of God has transformed him to become God’s treasure and God is able to make an eternal covenant with Him.

He called Peter from his current state of just being a stone and said I will transform you into a rock. He called Him and transformed Him by inducing His Spirit in Him. That union of Peter and His Spirit created a new creation – a very different Peter – the treasure of God. This transformation is a lifelong process, it started when Peter decided to go against everything that commonly made sense to him and gave up everything to follow Christ. Even though He did not understand everything that God was doing in His life, he pursued Him and went after Him yielding his will to the will of the Spirit of God and got transformed in the process.

That yielding of our will to the will of the Father and following Him is what transforms us to be like Him and that unique relationship is what God treasures. It’s the Father – child relationship which is the highest form of relationship that God values as His treasure. He will do anything to have this relationship. Even die for it!

Scripture Reference:

• 1 Peter 2:9
• Ezekiel 36:26
• Romans 8:14

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