Joshua Harris and Hillsong Marty Sampson, did they really lose their Faith?

Robert Rajamani

It might look shocking to see that some of the respected Christian leaders like Pastor Josh Harris and Marty Sampson- the song writer for Hillsong, announcing to have lost their faith. But is it really shocking?

On one hand their announcements might be used by the outside world to prove their stand against Christianity, on the other hand it might rock the boat of many Christians who looked up to these so-called leaders of Christianity. The truth is, it is not at all shocking, it all comes down to “What are you seeking, God or yourself?”   If you seek God you will find God and yourself, if you seek yourself you will find nothing. Where is you center of gravity, is it on God or on you. If it is on God, you will revolve around Him, if it is on you, you will revolve around yourself.

The questions to ask these Christian celebrities are, what was their motive in pursuing the path of Christianity? Did they pursue it because they were seeking to know God and willing to walk with Him? Was their focus on Christ and a relationship with Him, or was it just a self-seeking experiment?

People losing Faith is no surprise, the first person to lose faith was Adam, the son of God. When given a choice, Adam decided to give-up his faith in God and chose to go his own way to establish a world of his own. We all have the option to create our own world and rule in it, it’s not the devil, it’s just our own will. God has given us the option to go and create our own world without Him, and sometimes we choose it.  Adam chose it. But Jesus, the second Adam, on the contrary was not seeking to create his own world without God, else he would have accepted the offer that the devil made to him. Jesus sought the Father more than anything, He was in union with the Father. He had a relationship with the Father and nothing could distract Him. He was even willing to face death to stay in faith with His Father, but Adam denied his Father. The center of gravity for Jesus was on the Father, but for Adam was on himself.

Adam’s desire and goal were not to know God, but to create a world with himself at the center and the idea the devil proposed just fell in line with his own goal. Adam losing his faith in God and leaving Him does not put God at fault, but the truth is that Adam was seeking something other than God, he was seeking and serving himself. So, Adam losing faith in God is not at all shocking, he was just following what he wanted, he wanted himself to be the center of the world he desired to create and he went ahead with his plan. Christ on the other hand had his center of focus on His Father and He stuck to His Father even when faced with death.

When the center of gravity is on yourself, you will want to create a world around you, and you will enthrone yourself in the center and rule your world. Anything that you do or pursue is motivated by what your center of gravity is. With you being at the center everything you do is toward strengthening your throne at the center. You will pursue knowledge because you think that will strengthen you to rule your world, your will pursue religion because you think that will help you in your agenda to be on the throne of your center. Some of these leaders pursue Christianity with themselves at the center and not Christ at the center. As long as they think Christianity is useful for them to pursue their goal, they will stick with it, but once they have outgrown it, they walk away from it, their walk with Christianity was never to know Christ.

Not everyone who follows Christ, does so to know Christ. Most of His disciples followed Him because they had Faith in Him and wanted to know Him more, they stuck with Him even unto death, but one of them Judas, followed Him not to know Him, but to use Him to fulfill his own plan. He followed Christ for his own political agenda. He thought he can use Christ to overthrow the Romans and set Israel free. Judas never lost faith in Christ, because he never had one. He just had Faith in what Christ could do for him, not Faith in Christ.

So, it’s not at all surprising to see these celebrity Christians claiming to lose their faith; their faith was never focused on God or knowing Him. They followed Christ or their version of Christianity not because they had faith in Christ, but they had faith in what Christ could do to fulfill their agenda of creating their own world with themselves at its center. It was never about Christ; it was about them and they sought Christ for personal gains. So, they never lost faith in Christ, because they never had one.

So, when you hear such stories about so-called Christian heroes losing their Faith, do not let your boat rock, and if it rocks, it’s a sign that your anchor is not completely on Christ, but somewhere else. Take it as an opportunity to check your anchor and make sure to place it on Christ alone and pursue to know Him. He said, “Knowing God and Christ whom He sent is Eternal Life” (John 17:3)

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