Baby in Bethlehem with a Mission

Robert Rajamani

The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! – Luke 2:11

The baby born in Bethlehem today is unlike any other baby. He is a baby with a mission. He is the Prince of the city of Zion the Kingdom of God. He was born not to live, but to die, so that we who are born in death, can be made alive.

We celebrate the birth of this baby, with Merry and Joy, but for Him He had to willingly lay down on the altar of the Bethlehem manger to be crucified, just like Isaac did when Abraham laid him on the altar. This Baby who is the most beloved of the Father was sent as the seed of a woman to redeem Adam’s seed.

It all began in the Garden, when Adam walked away from God and left the Garden to create his own city with the knowledge he had gained from the tree of knowledge, rather than building the city of Zion by feeding from the Tree of Life. Little did Adam realize then, that creating a kingdom just by the power of knowledge and without the King and His Life is anarchy and self-destruction. By walking away from the Garden, Adam had subjected himself and his seed to the realm of death and cut off his connection to Life.

The Father wanted Adam to be fed from the tree of Life. He wanted Adam and his seed back. Back from the realm of death back into Life. No matter how hard Adam strived to return to the Garden, it was impossible; just like a baby out of the womb cannot enter back in. Adam was too precious to the Father and He wanted him home no matter what the cost. As Adam had willingly by his own choice walked away from the Garden, another Adam must willingly by his own choice go into the realm of death, destroy death, resurrect to life and liberate Adam and his seed.

Jesus, the most beloved of the Father, the Prince of the City of Peace, the King of Zion, the only heir to the Kingdom of God willingly agreed to be laid at the altar, be born as a baby, live in the flesh, submit to death and destroy death and resurrect to life and bring Adam back home into the Garden and let him eat from the Tree of Life.

This baby born in Bethlehem is a baby with a mission. He is on a mission from the city of Zion to take over the realm of death with the realm of Life and to destroy the dominion of death and resurrect Adam and his seed to Eternal Life!

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