Tree of Knowledge feeds the World

Two Trees

Robert Rajamani

Blessed is the one who finds wisdom …. She [wisdom] is a tree of life to those who lay hold of her.  –Proverbs 3:13-18

We blame Adam for eating from the tree of knowledge and disobeying God, but the truth is we do the same thing he did, every day in our life. The single tree that Adam ate from in the Garden of Eden has grown and multiplied multiple times and is all over the world today. We are tempted to eat from it, and we do eat from it every day.

This tree of knowledge is everywhere around us and claims to solve all our problems without going to the Tree of Life. Today we survive by knowledge. We resolve everything by knowledge. We are dependent on knowledge for everything. When faced with a decision we heed the advice of the tree of knowledge more than the Tree of Life.

In everything our first approach is to go to the tree of knowledge and find a solution from it and only if we are unable to find a knowledge-solution we tend to go to the Tree of Life. It should be the other way round. For everything He expects us to first approach the Tree of Life and get guidance from Him and use knowledge within the context of His Wisdom. The more we live from the fruits of the tree of knowledge the more we strengthen the tree and multiply it as we eat the fruit and cast the seeds to multiply. This world survives on the fruits of the tree of knowledge.

In this world, we are called to live by seeking Wisdom from the Tree of Life. The more we live by the fruits of the Tree of Life, the more it grows and multiplies. Let us not follow what Adam did in the Garden of Eden but follow what Christ did in the Garden of Gethsemane, when He said, “Not my will by thy will be done”. By saying that; He was willing to eat from the Tree of Life and not from the tree of knowledge.

Scripture Reference:

  • Proverbs 3: 13-18
  • Genesis 2:8-9

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