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What are you revolving around?

Robert Rajamani

Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith – Colossians 2:6,7

Revolution – is turning around a central point of axis. It is a pattern seen everywhere in the creation of God. Planets revolve around the Sun. Electrons revolves around the nucleus. We are all attached to something and we go in circles around them. We revolve around anything that we consider important.

Problems in life seek to become the center of our focus, and keep us entangled in worry and fear to make us revolve around them. We as humans have the tendency to revolve around anything other than God. We gravitate towards revolving around fear and worry. We easily tend to attach our self to any situation in life which threatens us and keep revolving around it in worry and fear. When we revolve around our problems, we will get disoriented and lose our focus and direction. The more we think on them and meditate on our fear, the more we get stuck in its orbit. The longer we remain in its orbit, stronger the problem gets and more difficult it is for us to get out of it. What you revolve around gains control over you, when you revolve around your problems, it has a control over you.

God desires that we revolve around Him and let Him be the center of our life. When you revolve around God by spending time in the throne room of grace and in the Holy of Holies, your life is ruled from the throne of God. His Kingdom dominates your life. When He rules, you will see His Life manifested in your life. But if you allow fear to rule, you will see the results of fear manifested in your life. Walk with Him and let His rule increase in your life. He is the King and let His Kingdom come in our life.

The Israelites could not possess the Promised Land because instead of revolving around God in Faith, they revolved around the mountain of fear and unbelief for forty years and perished in the desert (Hebrews 3:19). What you anchor yourself to and revolve around is what you worship. Our mountain of fear and unbelief does not deserve our worship, only the King does. Be anchored in Him and revolve around Him, let His Spirit guide you.

Stop thinking and worrying about situations and things happening in your life. In everything fix your mind and heart on the Lord and meditate on what He is telling you. Revolve around God. Meditate on what He has been revealing to you. Even when you are in the midst of a storm, when the temptation is strong to fear the storm and keep revolving around it, make sure to focus on the Lord and His promises and be anchored in Him and you will not be disoriented by the storm but will head in the right direction. The moment you realize that you are revolving around something other than the Spirit of God which is Joy, Peace, Hope, Faith, Love; immediately switch over and make Him the center of your revolution and abide in Him and let the orbit of your circle around Him get stronger.

Above everything it is so amazing how the Bible reveals Him as a Father who will do anything to redeem His children even to the extent of dying for them. He is our Abba Father who Himself revolves around us, His children, so let’s have our life centered on Him and Him alone.

Scripture Reference:
• Colossians 2:6,7
• Hebrews 3:19

The Spirit of God Rests on Us

Robert Rajamani

And divided tongues as of fire appeared to them and rested on each one of them. – (Acts 2:3 ESV)

The Spirit of God which was hovering over the waters before the creation of the world (Genesis 1:2) found rest on the seventh day when the creation was complete and Adam and Eve were created and were in complete fellowship with God (Genesis 2:2). This rest of the Spirit of God did not last long. Soon Adam rebelled and went his own way. The relationship was broken. Ever since the Spirit of God has been striving with men (Genesis 6:3) to restore them back to Himself so that they can be at complete rest in fellowship.

God has been restlessly striving to be in fellowship with man. Without Faith there is no relationship, God was looking for a relationship which centered around Faith and Trust in Him. He found that relationship and rest in Noah. He made a covenant with Noah and brought forth a generation out of him. Not surprising that the name Noah means Rest. God finds a restful relationship in Noah. The generation that follows, again rebel against God and choose their own way, unlike Noah who chose Faith in God.

God is again restless and striving to find a man who will relate with Him in Faith. He finds Abraham and makes a covenant with Him. He makes a covenant to birth a nation out of Him. Even though Abraham rested in his relationship with God and also God rested in His relationship with Abraham, the generation which came forth out of Abraham did not. They again rebelled against God and went into slavery. God’s Spirit finds Moses and Joshua to deliver the people and take them to His rest. More than the physical Canaan land of rest, God was wanting to develop a relationship with them in which they will Trust and depend on Him completely and rest in that relationship, but they did not and God was still restless and striving with mankind.

He introduced the blood sacrifice and the law to be able to be with them and dwell in their midst. Though His real rest was to dwell in them; He could not dwell in them because they had nothing of the nature of God in them, getting closer to them will only consume them, like Fire will consume the chaff (Exodus 33:20). So instead of dwelling in them, He dwelt among them in the tabernacle (Exodus 25:8) and in the pillar of fire (Exodus 13:21).

Then the Spirit of God finds Jesus, His own Son who agrees to resolve this struggle by becoming a blood sacrifice Himself and dies on the cross declaring, “It is finished” (John 19:30). The relationship between the Son and the Father is one of complete oneness. The Father completely rests in His relationship with Jesus and so does Jesus rests in His Father (John 10:30). In Jesus the Spirit of God finds Rest. Because of what Jesus has accomplished, the Spirit of God was able on the day of Pentecost to come and rest on His disciples (Acts 2:3). Finally, The Spirit Rested. He is able to rest and dwell in us, not just among us; because of Jesus who submitted to His will even unto death.

The Spirit rests when we allow His Son to shine forth His image in us. As we yield to the mind and the nature of Christ and are transformed into His glory, we resemble Him and the Spirit of God rests in Christ who is in us. The more we yield to Him we find our rest in Him and more we take on His righteousness the more we allow the Spirit of God to rest in us. Because of His righteousness the Spirit of God when it comes to dwell and rest in us, it does not consume and destroy us, because fire does not destroy fire. We have the nature of His Son in us, and we are no longer consumed by Him, we rest in Him just as much as the Spirit of God rests in us.

Scripture Reference:
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You Enter Life by Breaking Through Death

Robert Rajamani

He is Jesus, who is crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death, so that by the grace of God he might experience death for everyone. – Hebrews 2:9

Death was nowhere in God’s plan when He created Adam and Eve. Death cannot exist where Life is. Darkness cannot exist where Light is. Where there is no light darkness occupies. Death took over mankind when Adam disobeyed and disconnected himself from God; the source of Life. Ever since, death has ruled us. Death exist only in this fallen realm which was created as a result of Adam’s sin when He broke ways from God. It has no access to the realm of God, which is the realm of Life. Just like darkness cannot gain access into light, death cannot gain access into Life.

The only way God could redeem man from this realm of death was for Him to experience death himself. He had to enter this realm of death and darkness into which His children have fallen. When God decided to send His only begotten Son in the form of flesh, He decided to experience death. God knew, the only way His children could be brought back into Eternal Life is by Himself submitting to death. We enter into Life by God going through death on our behalf. He gladly did it for us (Hebrews 12:2).

The same pattern gets repeated in our everyday life. At times, He takes us through situations where we might have to go through death-like experience, so that we or others might experience Life. We enter Life through the door way of death. It could be the death of our flesh, our carnal nature, our worldly wisdom which contradicts the wisdom of God, whatever it is, if we endure, we just break through into Life. The breaking through process might be painful, but it’s worth it. God Himself had to go through it for His children.

There is always the pain of resistance when you attempt to break through from one realm to another. A pregnant mother experiences the maximum pain when she is breaking through to birth a new Life. There is tremendous sound and turbulence when a jet breaks the sound barrier, but beyond that, it cruises peacefully. There will always be resistance when you attempt to cross the barrier from death to Life. Death of self leads to the Life of Christ in us. (Galatians 2:20)

It is a daily battle to overcome the resistance we have, against renewing our mind to the ideas and concepts of God and letting go of our way of thinking. Dying to self, breaks into His Life. Ultimately when we cross over the final resistance of Death itself, we are just breaking through into Life Eternal. Jesus has already destroyed the power of death. Death has lost its gravity. There is nothing dreadful about death, Jesus destroyed it on the cross and triumphed over it on the day of resurrection. The dread of death is no more real. The enemy can only use fear to control us as long as we are ignorant that death is powerless. It is just a door-way to Life Eternal in Christ. The one who has already triumphed over death is waiting on the other side with the gift of Life.

So, when we face death, whether it is the daily dying to self that Jesus referred to (Matthew 16:24) or the final death of our flesh, we can laugh at it and say, “Death you are already destroyed, I am just passing through into Life”.

Scripture Reference:
• Hebrews 2:9
• Hebrews 12:2
• Galatians 2:20
• Matthew 16:24)

Be Anchored in God Alone

Robert Rajamani

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain – Hebrews 6:19

God has always desired that man will live by depending on Him alone as the source of Life and Wisdom. He desired that man will develop a deep relationship with Him and live life being led by His Spirit. He wanted man to be anchored on God. But in Adam, humans chose to be not anchored on God but rather depend on their ability to know between good and evil. Man chose to be anchored on himself and his understanding instead of God.

God’s Spirit continuously strives with man to train him to depend on Him alone. Depending on one’s own ability is like being in the middle of the ocean and depend on a floating log to save one’s life, it won’t last long. One needs a firm anchor,  a ship – to save life. Life cannot be lived just by depending on our flesh and its ability to save us. We need Life Himself, we need to be anchored on God.

To be able to walk with God and function with Him, you need to be depending on His Spirit. He takes us through life and its circumstances to develop and strengthen this dependence on Him. He wants to make sure that we are strongly anchored only on Him. That is how He builds His kingdom through His people. We are the stones and pillars of His city and He wants us to be firmly founded on Him alone. (1 Peter 2:5)

As a part of this process, sometimes He allows a storm around us to fine tune our dependence on Him. Storm comes to destroy everything you had put your anchor on. With nothing left to depend on; you grow your anchor on Him as your only hope. He will shake everything that you anchor your soul on, until you anchor it only on Him. Once your peace is restored in the midst of the storm just by anchoring on Him, you are tuned to Him and you are firm and secure.

In Abraham’s life God promised him and then took him through a series of circumstances to break his dependence on himself. Abraham tried to birth God’s dreams by his own ability and in the attempt, gave birth to Ishmael. God had to take him through life and its storms until he realized that he had no strength in his flesh to birth anything, he had to anchor on God in Faith and trust in His ability to make the promise come true.

In Joseph’s life God promised him of a future, and then took him through a series of circumstances to develop dependence on Him. Joseph had to trust in God alone to fulfil His promise. Joseph was anchored on God.

In Moses’ life God chose him as the redeemer of the Israelites, but then took him through a long 40 years to break his dependence on his own ability and depend only on God. God taught Moses to be anchored on Him for the task ahead.

Jesus was anchored in the Father. He was one with Him. He said and did what His Father said and did. (John 5:19) (John 10:30)

How to be anchored in Him? You develop your anchor in Him by spending time with Him in the Holy of Holies. Your born again spirit is the holy of holies where He dwells. He desires that you fellowship with Him in the Most Holy. Allow His Spirit to draw you to His presence more. Spend time in His Word. Yield to His Spirit and He will take you through things which will stitch your heart with Him. You will be hooked on to the realm of God and be anchored in Him.

He is Eternal; when you are anchored in Him you become eternal in Him and this passing world loses its grip on you. He is Life; when you are anchored in Him, you flow in His Life and overcome all manifestations of death. Be anchored in Him and His Word and overcome the world! (John 16:33)  (1 John 2:14)

Scripture Reference:
• Hebrews 6:19
• 1 Peter 2:5
• John 5:19
• John 10:30
• John 16:33
• 1 John 2:14

God’s Eternal Purpose

Robert Rajamani

…according to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord,

God’s perspective is from eternity. He has eternal purposes and plans. Whatever He does in our life and in this physical realm has eternal implications. He created Adam and Eve with an eternal plan to expand His Kingdom into the physical realm. He wanted to rule and have dominion through his children. He wanted Adam and Eve to rule as King and Queen. He is the King of Kings. His children are the Kings. He wanted to have His will done among His people so that they experience His Blessing. His will is a Kingdom of His Righteousness and Peace (Romans 14:17). Even though Adam missed the purpose of God, God did not fail. He accomplished something better in Jesus. Today we have a better position in Christ than we would have had in Adam.

God had an eternal purpose when He made a covenant with Abraham. He had a future Kingdom coming out of the seed of Abraham, not just the physical seed through Isaac, but his spiritual seed Jesus. (Galatians 3:16). Everything that Abraham went through in his life had eternal consequences. The period of testing he endured for his faith had an eternal purpose. Today and forever Abraham is the Father of our Faith.

God had an eternal purpose when He chose David and established his throne. God declared that the throne of David will remain forever (2 Samuel 7:16). His son, Jesus is seated on the throne of David and will rule forever. The phase in his life, when he endured trials before being seated on the throne, had an eternal purpose.

God had an eternal purpose when He allowed His own beloved Son to be sacrificed on the cross. He was establishing His Kingdom on the death of His Son. The event of crucifixion and resurrection brought eternal victory. God as a Father desired to include us in His Kingdom. He wanted to have a family which included us.

Today, when we go through situations in life, which looks contradictory to what we desire; situations which does not make sense; be assured that He has an eternal purpose behind it. Today, when we face trials and our faith is being tested; be assured that what we endure today for our Faith is not a small thing. It has its implications in eternity. Everything that we go through in our walk with Him is very precious to Him and it has eternal consequences. He is a potter with an eternal perspective, let us yield to Him to create as He desires. Let His will be done in our life.

Above everything, He is a Father at heart, everything He does come out of that Father-Heart, so we can be assured that He will allow only good things in our life, even if it looks bad. He is a master at making apparent bad things better than the good. In His heart, He has an eternal purpose for us. Let His will be done and have an eternal impact! (Luke 22:42)

Scripture Reference

  • Ephesians 3:11
  • Romans 14:17
  • Galatians 3:16
  • 2 Samuel 7:16
  • Luke 22:42

Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith

by Robert Rajamani

…fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, — Hebrews 12:2

Faith pleases God (Hebrews 11:6). You cannot receive anything from the Kingdom of God without Faith. Faith is the key that unlocks the doors of the Kingdom in the spiritual realm and manifest it in the physical realm in your life.

If faith is so important what would you do when you feel that you lack Faith to receive from God and manifest in your life. Feeding on the Word of God produces Faith, listening to the voice of the Spirit produces faith. Still if you feel that your faith is not sufficient to handle the situation you are in, don’t worry, you can rely on the Faith of Jesus to complete your faith.

Once when Jesus was with His disciples in the boat out in the sea, a severe windstorm arose which appeared life-threatening, when the disciples woke Him up in panic, He asked them “why are you so fearful, How is it that you have no Faith?” Jesus expected them to be not afraid when a life-threatening storm came against them. But when He saw that they did not have that Faith, He used His Faith to calm the storm. (Mark 4:35-41)

Jesus will never leave you helpless in your situation just because of your lack of Faith. He is with you in your situation, it might be a life-threatening sickness, or something else, do not fear, just rely on Him and depend on His Faith to work for you. When you lack Faith He is with you to use His Faith and rescue you from the storm, He is your good Father. He will get you out of the situation in victory. He is in charge. Just Trust Him. He will do it.

In another instance, when the father of the boy who had epileptic came to Jesus’s disciples for healing but they could not heal because of their unbelief. When the disciples lacked faith, Jesus used His Faith and rebuked the demon and healed the child. (Matthew 17: 14-21)

When Peter wanted to walk on the water and he did walk for a while, but then as he was going under because of doubt and fear, Jesus stretched out His hand and helped Him. (Matthew 14:29-33) He is always with you to complete and perfect your Faith. He will give you victory over the situation, He is the perfecter of our Faith. Rely on Him.

So live life with the confidence that no matter what situation you face, you are always an overcomer. Your Faith in Him perfected by His Faith will always lead you in triumph. (2 Corinthians 2:14)

Scripture Reference:
• Hebrews 12:2
• Hebrews 11:6
• Mark 4:35-41
• Matthew 17: 14-21
• Matthew 14:29-33
2 Corinthians 2:14

Overcome By The Word of God

by Robert Rajamani

I have written to you, young men, Because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, And you have overcome the wicked one. – 1 John 2:14

The Word of God is the creative force which created this world and everything in it. It is the rock solid foundation on which we need to build our life. As Jesus said, he who listens to my Word and obeys it is like a man who built his house on the rock, the storms will come and waters will rise, but the house will not be shaken (Matthew 7:24).

The Word of God has the presence of God, when it comes and abides in your heart it changes everything in your life. The Word abiding in our heart creates God kind of Faith and there is nothing in this physical realm which can prevail over this kind of Faith. This Faith overcomes everything in the world.

The devil will do everything to keep us down, he can throw sickness, poverty and every other form of oppression against us, but we will not be moved because we are founded on the Word of God. According to the above verse, we have already overcome the wicked on. The Word of Christ dwells in us and we are strong and have overcome the evil one.

Jesus said, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you.” (John 15:7) We abide in His Word by grabbing hold of His promises in our heart and trust in Him. As you Trust in Him, it forms a wall of protection around you and the devil cannot touch you. As you grow in your Trust in Him by letting His Word abide in you and meditating on it, the wall of protection gets bigger and stronger and the weapons of the enemy cannot penetrate that wall.

King Solomon said, “Keep His Word in the midst of your heart for they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh. (Proverbs 4:21,22). Meditating on Scriptures about healing and that Jesus bore our sickness on His body and by His stripes we are healed will manifest healing in your physical bodies.

Make the Word of God your high priority. Nothing is more important in life than to know Him and His purpose for your life through His Word. Spend time in His Word every day, do not ignore it. Meditate on the Word throughout the day, let the Spirit of God reveal the wisdom in the Word for your specific situation. He wants you to be successful and overcome every giant in your life. You do that by abiding in His Word.

Build your life on the Word of God and prevail over the devil.

Scripture Reference:
• 1 John 2:14
• Matthew 7:24
• John 15:7
• Proverbs 4:21,22

Fret Not – Just Rest in the Lord

By Robert Rajamani

Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him; fret not yourself because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who brings wicked devices to pass – Psalm 37:7

Are you in a situation where you feel like the thing that is against you is just advancing and you don’t seem to find a way out? It might feel like you can do nothing about it. It might be a sickness or diseases which is incurable, or a financial problem which is just too big or some other circumstance which you feel like it is just going to overtake you and crush you under.

We all face such situations. When your soul is anchored in Christ no situation in life can break you. You will always emerge stronger and victorious. But it all depends on how you react to those situations, do you react in worry and anxiety and fret over it. If you do that you connect with fear which is not from God and it will defeat you. As a child of God, He wants you to be still and rest in Him. Rest in the assurance that He has everything under control. Lean on Him and let Him speak to your heart about the situation and how to handle it. Sometimes He will guide you through the situation to victory by revealing certain things in the Scripture, other times He will just say, leave this to me, I will take care of it. You just Rest in Me and Rejoice. Either way He is going to help you to overcome victoriously (Psalm 37:5).

Resting in Him and Leaning on Him in Trust – Make that a lifestyle. Dwell in that Rest, not just visit there occasionally. Do not wait for storm to come and then you seek Him and get close with Him, but walk with Him closely all the time even when everything is going good. Abide in His Word and let His Spirit abide in you all the time.

When the devil throws a sickness or other problems it will not disturb you, because you have confident assurance in Him and you Rest in Him. You know you are more than a conqueror in Him. Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (Matthew 16:33).

We are world overcomers in Him.
So Relax and Rest in Him and let Him lead you to Victory!

Scripture Reference:
• Psalm 37:7
• Psalm 37:5
• Matthew 16:33

Faith – How to Get It?

Robert Rajamani

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6)

Faith is not supposed to be a struggle. Do you try to have Faith in God? When storms and pressures in life hit you, you go to God and want Him to help you overcome the storm, but then you realize that you need Faith to receive from God and without Faith you cannot please Him. Then you come under pressure to have Faith and feel guilty for not able to have enough Faith, after all, you cannot please God without Faith. Then doubt sets in whether you will receive from God, because you don’t have enough Faith.

Somehow we have been convinced to believe that we have to generate Faith on our own and come to God with it to please Him. But the Truth is that He gives us Faith and He wants us to come to Him with the Faith that He has given us. Faith is not something that we can generate on our own. Faith comes from His Word (Romans 10:17). As we receive His Word and sow it in our heart, the Word has the capacity to generate Faith in our Heart. Faith is not produced in the mind but in the Heart. Faith is purely His thing, we cannot create it, but we can deposit His Word in our heart and let the Spirit of God generate Faith. As we spend time with Him, He speaks and that is His spoken Word for us. When we spend time in the Written Word we receive the Word. It’s this Word (spoken and written word) that we need to sow in our heart. Our responsibility is just to spend time in His Word and in His Presence and receive His Word and sow in our heart and that will generate Faith. When we approach God with that Faith, it pleases Him.

Hebrews 4:12 says the Word of God is living and active and full of power. It’s this Word when sown in our heart produces the God-Kind of Faith which can move mountains. Any mountain of sickness, poverty, defeat etc standing against you can be removed by this Faith.

Faith does not struggle, it is always at Rest. This Faith manifests itself as Peace in your heart. Even in the midst of the storm, this Faith keeps you at Rest and helps you overcome the storm.
So make a decision to sow some seed of the Word of God in your heart. Meditate on it day and night. Spend time with Him, let the Spirit of God reveal His Word to you for your specific situation and then hold on to it, till it generate Faith in your Heart and feel that Peace about that situation and you will see victory.

Walking by Faith is not a struggle, but an adventurous life of Victory in Christ all the time.

Scripture Reference:
• Hebrews 11:6
• Hebrews 4:12
• Romans 10:17

FAITH – Your Connection to God the Father

When Adam disobeyed God and ate the Fruit, what he was doing was, he was believing in what the Devil was telling him. As long as Adam believed only in God, God was His source and he was connected with God and he was under the Blessing of the Lord. He walked by the Law of Faith in God. In this state, he was above everything, he had authority over the physical world, and he had dominion over everything.
Once he listened to the devil and believed in what he said, Adam willfully disconnected himself from God as his source and connected with the devil. With the devil as his source, now curse, sin and death entered Adam and the physical world. Adam now is no longer above the physical world, he is subjected to the physical world and its law. One of the laws of the physical world is to believe in only what you see, he was no longer operating in the Law of Faith; Faith does not believe in what it sees physically, but it believes in what God says, and manifests what He says in the physical world. Faith is not a passive believer in what it sees, but it has the capacity to manifest the will of God in the physical world. Adam lost that ability to fully operate in Faith. Since the fall, God has been trying to instill Faith in the heart of man, He did that throughout the Old Testament by sending His Word through His Prophets. His Word has the ability to activate Faith in human heart. Because of Adam’s will full dis-association with God and his connection with the devil, the only way God could operate in humans and this physical world, is by activating Faith in their hearts by His Word. God in His Love did not want to give up on man, even though man has willfully gone away from Him, God knew the only help man has was God, even though man did not realize it, God knew, he needed His help, because He knew how bad the devil will treat man, He knew the curses that the devil will bring in this earth to torture man, the sickness, diseases, hatred, poverty. So God was not in any way going to give up man, because He was His own son and daughter, created in His own image, He loved them deeply. The only way for man to have dominion over the physical world and live in victory as God intended first was to connect him back to God and make God His source. For that to happen, Faith needs to be activated in man’s heart and that can happen by the Word. So God took every opportunity to reveal His Word to anyone who was ready to listen, He found Noah, spoke to him, He found Abraham spoke to Him, God saw in Abraham, what He expected from Adam, complete trust in God. God revealed His Word to Him and made a covenant with him. (God is doing all this just to help humans, He could have just ignored us and let the devil have us and gone on with is vast universe, after all we willfully, disobeyed him and we deserve it. God could not do that, because we were His children, we had His image in us, we were more important than anything else in the Universe for Him). Because of the way Abraham willfully responded to God’s Word, Faith was activated in his heart and He was connected with God through Faith and God was able to operate in His life and through Him to Bless the physical world. God found a man through whom He can Bless His people in this physical world who are under the power of the devil. God gave Abraham His promises to Bless Him and Bless the families of the world through him, Abraham believed in His Word, because of which God was able to extend His Blessing further in this physical world, and formed the nation of Israel and sent more prophets and more Word, until the fullness of time. God had a further plan and He was preparing mankind and this world to implement that better plan which will give further access for God to flow among humans freely and stop the work of the devil. That better plan was the plan to manifest the Word in Flesh. The Word until now was just spoken through prophets and activated Faith in men and women, now in the fullness of time, the Word is taking the form of Flesh and living among men and women. The Word in Flesh is taking back the authority from the devil who had legally taken it from Adam when he willingly believed in the devil. The Word in Flesh pays the price and fulfills the law and takes the authority back from the devil. The Word in Flesh declares he who believes in me has Eternal life. God now has a much better plan than He initially had for Adam, God raises up the Word in Flesh and give Him Authority over Heaven and Earth, over both the spiritual and physical world, a position on the right hand of God and He places every man and woman in that position given to the Word in Flesh, He makes the humans a join-heir with the Word in Flesh. This position is given to man, just by believing by Faith in the Word in Flesh, just as adam believed in the devil and got connected with him and thus to the curse, sin and death, now he can just believe in the Word in Flesh and be position in that place of Authority on the right hand of God. Man is no longer under the curse or the enemy, as long as man is willing to disconnect from the devil by doubting his word and have Faith in God by believing His Word in Flesh, he is raised to that better position with God. (This is exactly opposite to what adam did, he disconnected from God by doubting in God and connected with the devil by believing in him). This new position God created in the Word in Flesh, which is a seated position to the right of God Himself, is a much better position than what God had planned for adam initially, even though the devil try to destroy God’s plan for man, it eventually worked out for good and now God is able to create a better position for man, which is much higher and closer to Him and His nature. In this position, man is clothed with His own righteousness, man is free from the influence of sin, sin cannot touch him anymore, man has been purified by what he has gone through since the fall of adam and has been redeemed by God himself paying the price and he has emerged in Faith as Gold and as sons and daughters of God. In this whole ordeal, yes man had to go through some pain, but more than man, God had to go through much more pain, for He Himself had to take the form of flesh and pay the price by sacrificing Himself and be stricken by the curse to deliver us from the curse. In the end, with all this pain, God is blessed with many more sons and daughters who bear Him image and rule with Him, we humans are blessed with glorious Eternal life with Him, but the devil who caused all this is the big loser, for he gained nothing, in the end he cast away further from the Lord into the lake of fire. He thought he was gaining something by deceiving adam, but God worked it out in such a way, that the devil was just used as a catalyst to the fulfillment of this better plan for God and Man, Father and His Children, the Family of God.