Led By The Spirit and The Word

Never forget your Identity as a Son of God

Robert Rajamani

Father, I have sinned against heaven and in your sight. I am no longer worthy to be called your son; [just] treat me like one of your hired men – Luke 15:19

In the story of the prodigal son, when the son comes to his senses, he decides to come back to his father’s house, but because of sin consciousness and the feeling of condemnation; he thinks he is no longer worthy to be called son and prefers to be called a hired servant. He was losing his identity as a son.

Many a times, in the course of our walk with the Lord, we tend to forget who we are. The devil uses the circumstances and situations in our life to rob our identity in Christ. We look at the situations in life like sickness, diseases, poverty and oppression of the devil and start believing that I deserve what I am going through, the guilt of sin and sin consciousness takes over and our identity as the son of God in Christ tends to diminish.

We need to be very careful that no matter how difficult and oppressive situation might look like, you should never let go of your identity. In Christ you are son of God. Paul says, the Spirit that you have received is not the spirit of slavery, but the Spirit of adoption to sonship, by which we cry out Abba Father (Romans 8:15). So In Christ you are adopted into the sonship position. This applies to both male and female, this position of sonship in Christ is not based on our gender, it is based on Christ.

But as the story goes, when his father sees him from far, he runs to him in compassion and puts on the best robe and puts a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet and orders a celebration.

In this position of sonship, the Father Himself clothes you with honor, and gives you his ring of authority and His sandals of peace. So in the midst of your problems, look to Him and realize who you are in Christ and as a son of God, operate from that position of Rest, Peace and Victory. In the father’s house everything is provided for you, as a son you have authority and power and there are servants to serve you.

The Father Himself has declared you righteous in Christ, so be bold and don’t see yourself in guilt and a hired servant, but as the son of God in Him, and be lead by His Spirit, as Paul says all those who are led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God (Romans 8:14)

In Christ you are Righteous, you have authority and power over sickness, diseases, poverty and every work of the enemy and also have angels to serve you (Hebrews 1:14).

So be led by His Spirit and live Bold as a son of God in Christ.


Delight in the Lord

Robert Rajamani

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart (Psalm:37:4)

Can you follow the desires of your heart? Maybe you cannot just follow the desires of your heart when you are living in the flesh and not being led by the Spirit of God. On the other hand if you are delighting yourself in the Lord. If you are spending time with Him, Delight in reading and studying His Word, delight in praying in tongues and walking with Him and His Word then you can sure rely on the desires of your heart.

When you are walking with Him in the Spirit and delight in Him, He will himself put desires in your heart which aligns to His will and He will fulfill those desires.

Just as Jesus said, if you abide in my Me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, it will be done, because when we abide in Him and His Word, what we will and desire will be according to His will and we can expect to receive whatever we ask Him.

God is looking for people who will delight in walking with Him, ones who are not distracted by other priorities in life, but are sold out for God and decided to make His Word their delight.

This is a sure way to live life, sure to be in the center of the will of the Lord. When you make Him the delight of your life, you are positioned to succeed. He can then lead you into victories and conquer mountains in your life. Nothing will be able to keep you down, because as you spend time with Him and feed your heart with the Word of God, the Spirit and Word in your heart will generate Faith, which will overcome everything that stands against you. (1 John 5:4)

So make it a priority to enjoy spending time with Him, and studying His Word, it will transform your life and you will see your desires and dreams fulfilled.

Walking in the Flesh is a Snare

Robert Rajamani

They shall not dwell in your land, lest they make you sin against Me. For if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare to you – Exodus 23:33

The Lord delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt in a supernatural way and promised them a land of their own. He said you will possess the land I will deliver the inhabitants of the land in your hand, but you shall drive them out and make no covenant with them or follow their gods, if you do that it will be a snare to you.

Likewise, the Lord has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness where we were in bondage to sin and flesh, He has made us a new creature and He Himself comes and dwells within our born again spirit and He desires that we live a life being led by His Spirit and not walk in the flesh as we used to. He desires that we do not compromise with the lifestyle of walking in the flesh.

It’s very easy to get into a routine of living life in the flesh. Walking in the flesh can be expensive, it will end up being a snare and will keep you in bondage. Make no compromise with fear, unbelief, sickness, poverty. Just resist it. They have no place in your life, drive them out from your life, if you let them stay, they will become a snare to you.

Make a deliberate effort to always walk in the Spirit. Living life in the Spirit is the normal Christian life. It’s a life of Power and Triumph. Make sure to spend time with Him in Prayer, Speak in tongues, when you speak in tongues you let the Spirit of God pray for you and to edify you. Spend time in the Word daily. Meditate on the Word all the time and let the Spirit of God quicken the Word which applies to your situation. He will let that Word create Faith in you heart and enable you to overcome the situation you might be facing.

When the Spirit of God and the Word of God come together to create Faith in your heart, nothing in this physical world can defeat you, no circumstance can overpower you. You will be victorious over everything that life and the devil will throw at you.

Be led by His Spirit and the Word and be free and victorious.

I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. – Gal 5:16

Impossible Situation is meant to Promote You

Robert Rajamani

No weapon formed against you shall prosper – Isaiah 54:17

Impossible situations you face are meant to Promote you to another Level!

In our walk with the Lord, there will be times when we face an impossible situation. In such times, He does not expect us to be discouraged and give-up, in fact it’s the right situation to push you into another dimension, to promote you from where you are to where He intends to take you.

It all depends on us, in such situations do you speak and expect victory as you trust in the Lord or do you speak defeat and hopelessness. There is no situation or mountain in this life which can overcome and defeat you, unless you let it. Life and Death is in the power of your tongue (Proverbs 18:21)

Those mountains that come against us is not from the Lord, but it’s from the enemy of our soul. Goliath stood as a mountain against the children of God, but David was not willing to be defeated, he trusted in the Lord enough to know that this mountain is no match for him, as He relies on the Lord. David’s response to the impossible situation he faced, turned out to be the turning point in his life. God used that situation to promote David to a level which would take him to be the King of Israel.

So when you walk through adverse circumstances, don’t ask, Why Lord? There are times, God will take you away from such situations, but then there other times when He wants you to stand against it and speak to that mountain to be moved (Mark 11:23) , for God is planning to use that situation to promote and push you to another level of fulfilling your purpose in life.

Let no circumstance, be it sickness, poverty or anything else discourage you, we know we are more than conquerors in Christ (Romans 8:37).

When you are facing the mountain it might feel and look like its impossible, but don’t give up, just stand firm on your confession of victory in Christ, you will see the mountain being moved and that giant being defeated. As He said to Joshua, Be strong and courageous, Fear not, I will be with you. (Joshua 1:9)

He always leads us in triumph in Christ (2 Corinthians 2:14)

God Dwells Among Us!

Robert Rajamani

The place, O Lord, You have made for Your dwelling [among them], –(Exodus 15:17)

He wants to make a dwelling among them. He wants to dwell among His people, not so that he can control them and make them follow His rules. Its because He knows that we need Him to be able to stand against all that the enemy will bring against us. If He just leaves us alone, we would be consumed by the enemy. Its only He who can defend and deliver and fight for us as He delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians through the red-sea in a miraculous way. He fought for them, so that they can be free. He can do that for us only if we allow Him to dwell with us.

It grieves His heart to know that we tend to want to go independent of Him and want to live our own life, not realizing that there is an enemy of our soul waiting to attack us and we are not strong enough to fight him on our own. That’s the reason God wants to be with us and dwell with us so that He can fight for us and defend us.

In the Old Covenant He wanted the Israelites to make a physical temple for Him to dwell among them, in the New Covenant, He comes and dwells in our born again spirit. Holy Spirit living in our spirit is our protection and guidance and wisdom. All those you are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. He dwells in us, His Spirit and His Word abides in us and fights for us. Let the Spirit pray for us in tongues and win the battle for us.

Allow Him to dwell with you and guide you in safety and abundance. He is our loving Father. The Lord is always wanting to fight for you and let you rest, just like a good father would protect and fight for His son or daughter.